SAIGON TIMES JUNE 2017: The Kanonos will make you say yes yes to surf rock

By Harry Hodge
During his several years in Saigon’s music scene, Bryon Rudd has been a bit of a shapeshifter.
Well-known for his time as a creative force with experimental music outfit Space Panther, collaborating with local artists and merging numerous influences and styles, Rudd has elected to go for some good old-fashioned rock with his new project, the Kanonos.
“(The band name) Kanonos is because i was wearing a kimono and someone made fun of me,” Rudd admitted. “I said, yeah I’m in the kimonos man! And realized it was stupid but Kanonos sounded cool.
“It’s a word I made up for like a bad idea. You know you shouldn’t do it but you already know you are going to do it.”

The themes in the new Kanonos release, “Play The Hits”, mirror these bad decisions. Try to shake the melody from “Drunk Days” and you’ll find yourself humming it for days. Rudd shows good range here, going from fist-pumping arena rock to more soulful pondering. “This Is Me Dead” is another earworm that will burrow into your brain, with blazing guitars getting you moving.
Teaming with fellow guitar star Nick Simon, Rudd described the act as “a two-piece band that sounds louder than a four-piece” and will get you to move with their “dance-along surfy vibes.”

Fitting then that their next big gig will be on the beach. The Kanonos are playing with James and the Van Der Beeks at the Last Chance Dance on June 17 at Pogo Beach Bar, 138 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, in Mui Ne. Check out the event’s Facebook page for more information.


About hodgedude

I'm a Canadian journalist and teacher, most recently living in Edmonton and Toronto, now located in Ho Chi Minh City. Graduate of Concordia University in Montreal. I've taught English in S. Korea, pulled rickshaws in Canada, taught at a Taiwanese language boot camp, edited newspapers in China and played a French-speaking Spanish colonel on Vietnamese TV. I also play Australian football. Pick up a copy of issue one of my independent comic, "Getting Lucky," at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, the Comic Hunter in Moncton, New Brunswick, and the Spotted Cow Pub, 111 Bui Vien, District 1, Saigon.
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