Outgunned Warriors no match for blazing Heat



By Harry Hodge
Since the Saigon Heat team started, you can’t say the team has claimed too many must-win games. Sunday they finally came through.
In their last home game before an extended road swing throughout Southeast Asia, the Heat were poor hosts for the visiting Indonesia Warriors, thumping them 72-61 before a jubilant packed house.
American Justin Williams was again in fine form for the Heat. The former Houston Rocket scored 17 points and pulled down 18 rebounds, while fellow Americans Dustin Scott and David Arnold had 19 and 17 points, respectively. Birthday boy Leo Avenido from the Philippines tallied 16. Another American, Michael Fey, netted 23 points and 21 rebounds for Indonesia.
The Heat led by as much as 20 in the third quarter, and the outcome was never really in doubt from early on. Some notable developments included the Heat sliding into fourth place in the ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) standings, leapfrogging the visiting Warriors for what may eventually be the final playoff spot with a 6-7 record. As well, domestic players Ryan Le and Phan Tran Man were able to earn some court time and give the import players a breather for stretches throughout the contest.
“Our rotation was really good, they were quality minutes (for the Vietnamese players),” Heat coach Jason Rabedeaux said after the win. “The biggest thing for us is we really shared the ball.”
The gravity of the game in terms of league standings was not lost on Rabedeaux either.
“It’s unbelievably important,” he said. “Our backs were against the wall.”
It’s also good to set off on a winning note with the next few games taking the Heat to Sumatra, Singapore and Malaysia.
“We wanted to beat (Indonesia) on our home court,” Arnold said. “We kinda diced ’em up.
“Hopefully we can string together some victories and control our own (playoff) destiny.”
The Heat’s next home game will be Hi Tech Bangkok City on Oct. 11 at the Canadian International School (CIS) in District 7.

About hodgedude

I'm a Canadian journalist and teacher, most recently living in Edmonton and Toronto, now located in Ho Chi Minh City. Graduate of Concordia University in Montreal. I've taught English in S. Korea, pulled rickshaws in Canada, taught at a Taiwanese language boot camp, edited newspapers in China and played a French-speaking Spanish colonel on Vietnamese TV. I also play Australian football. Pick up a copy of issue one of my independent comic, "Getting Lucky," at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, the Comic Hunter in Moncton, New Brunswick, and the Spotted Cow Pub, 111 Bui Vien, District 1, Saigon.
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